Lost in Translation workshop,

“A four-day workshop exploring translation in its various forms using graphic design as an approach, rather than an outcome — while challenging forms of publishing and incorporating an expanded notion of visual language.”

Initiated during One Design Week 2016 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Together with Olya Domoradova and Robert Milne.


The workshop took place in Kosmos, a movie theatre building from 1964. Inspired by the surroundings we tasked our participants to work with film scripts as a starting point for their personal projects.

The four days culminated in an exhibition and public presentation of the individual works, as part of the official programme of the design festival.

Thank you to our participants: Lilian Shtereva, Ivo Popov, Georgi Gikov and Yoana Lazarova.

Additional thank you to our friend and artistic director of One Design Week 2016, Raya Stefanova.

Supported by Creative Industries Fund NL.

Photography © Lina Krivoshiеva / Thе Plovdiv Projеct & shared-space