Enclosed Bandpass 2

Enclosed Bandpass 2

The performance took place during The End of the Year Show at Werkplaats Typografie on July 2nd 2017 in Arnhem, The Netherlands.

As part of our series first initiated in Los Angeles in early 2017, Enclosed Bandpass 2 focused on the subtleties of a local voice, combined with a site-specific branch of electronic music – gabber*. We collaborated with a local beatbox artist which became our sampled, human voice instrument. The performance consisted of a sequence of pre-recorded samples representing individual instruments, played live through Ableton Live. Beginning at 80bpm and peaking at 290bpm – the typical speed of gabber music productions. All frequencies were then passed through the low-end sound system build for the show. We’d like to give special thanks to D.B. Han for loaning us his voice.

The style is derived from the acid house and techno house styles from the late 1980s, originating from Rotterdam, NL.

RCF 4pro8001-A 800W SUB on wooden euro pallet, plastic cover;

Duration: 15 min

Interview with D.B. Han:

Photograph by Tabea Feuerstein, 2017
Performance still
Early sketch for Enclosed Bandpass 2