Sportification & Yes Yes Yes,

Sportification & Yes Yes Yes  at  Annual Reportt, Copenhagen.

Group show together with: Federico Antonini & Alessio D’Ellena, Studio Atlant, Bart de Baets, Giandomenico Carpentieri, Prill Vieceli Cremers, Dallas, Emilie Ferrat, Moonsick Gang, Ben Ganz, Till Gathmann, Rudy Guedj, Studio Hato, Will Holder, Experimental Jetset, Pauline Kerleroux & Adéla Svobodová, Maziyar Pahlevan, Clemens Piontek, Regular Practice, Dexter Sinister, Batia Suter, and Wrong Studio.

Opened on 18/11/2017 thru 16/12/2017.

Printed in Denmark (offset)
Edition of 50

The utopian idea of Jeux Sans Frontières perhaps lives on to this day. Characterised by a constant wish for improvement in today’s society through images of multiple-existence. The makeup or mask this modern-day Pierrot wears in order to transform himself into a popular character, reinforces the longing to escape and play pretend. A desire which is at the basis of play and games… Just like in a game of chess, where the ordinary pawn at the bottom of the rank continues its life with the prospect of one day transforming into The Queen.

Sportification in itself is a phenomenon so deeply etched in the way we understand society nowadays. We see the world mostly through the lens of entertainment – popular culture – and screens. What it tells us is that, the odds for any of us to become The Queen, have never been higher.

Exhibition views, photography
by Annual Reportt