Door, 11 rue Larrey, Marcel Duchamp, 1927
Capoeira, Domingo Terciliano, 1974 (when another capoeirista interrupts the game to start playing)

(…) Duchamp and his coauthor have set about to prove that theories of opposition and theories of “sister squares” (usually referred to as “related squares” in modern chess terminology) are actually one and the same, and that they represent only variant methods by which to solve essentially the same endgame situation.

Perhaps the purest example from Duchamp’s artistic production to illustrate the reconciliation of contradictory or opposing entities is a work simply known as Door: 11 rue Larrey, a construction that was nothing more than a door he had designed for the main room of a small apartment he moved into in 1927 on the rue Larrey in Paris. This door was located in a corner of the main living area, positioned in such a way as to close the entrance either to the bedroom or to the bathroom, but not to both at the same time. In opposition to the axiom implicit in the common French adage – “Il faut qu’une porte soit ouverte ou fermée” [“A door must be either open or closed”] – Duchamp has ingeniously managed to defy the assumption of mutual exclusivity, uniting these contradictory themes into a compatible totality, or as he might have preferred to describe it, “a reconciliation of opposites.” – Marcel Duchamp: Artist of the Century, edited by R. E. Kuenzli, F. M. Naumann, 1996, pp. 34–35.

First instalment of a two-part playlist, consisting solely of tracks featured in skate videos.

The playlists were initially prepared for the occasion of the launch of Getting Money Getting Boards – the latest publication from eeebooks – on the 16th December 2017 at Skatepark Noord. They are part of our ongoing research on (sub)cultural influences in contemporary music, and vice versa.

Download and listen here.

Biggie Smalls: Notorious Thugs
Flip – Really Sorry)
Lacksley Castell: Million Miles From Home
(The Kayo Corp – It’s Official)
The Five Stairsteps: O-O-H Child
(Transworld – First Love)
RJD2: Since We Last Spoke
(Plan B – Forecast)
Outkast: Ms. Jackson
(City Stars – Street Cinema)
Gang Starr: Full Clip
(DC – The DC Video)
Andre Nickatina: Ayo for Yayo
(Chocolate – Hot Chocolate)
Mr. Dibbs: Side A
(Flip – Sorry)
Scarface: Born Killer
(Girl – Yeah Right!)
Louie Vega: Jungle Fever
(Transworld – Subtleties)
Joe Cuba: El Pito (I’ll Never Go Back To Georgia)
(Girl – Mouse)

Facsimiles compiled to accompany Enclosed Bandpass 1, 2017.

168 pages
Munken Print White 15, 90gsm
Sewn and glued in 6 signatures
Edition of 15
20€ (excl. shipping), e-mail us for orders.

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